Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sporadic Summer Posting

Well, I just got into Ireland on Friday after a few days holed up down in Mexico which is why I haven’t put anything up in a while. I’ll only update the blog now and then during the summer—I need a break from all the nonsense!

I attended a lecture by Julia Kristeva in Trinity College yesterday evening in which she quoted herself as saying that “One may feel more of a foreigner in France than in any other country, but at the same time one is better off being a foreigner in France than in any other country.”

Being something of a Francophile myself—and bound for Paris in a week or so—I hate to add to the current “Gall contra Gallois,” but I’d imagine, in the wake of the headscarf fiasco, that there are one or two Muslims over there now who do not exactly share Kristeva’s sentiments. I remember that a group of prominent feminists signed a petition in Elle supporting the ban, but I have no idea whether Kristeva was among them...

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